Considered Gifting for February Birthdays

Considered Gifting for February Birthdays

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Discover our carefully curated guide of best-sellers for friends and family born in the month of February. 

We believe in how a piece of jewellery can make you feel, whether it’s an elegant pearl bracelet to add a touch of light to a gloomy morning or a pair of statement earrings to make you feel glamorous and confident. Keeping that in mind, every piece selected in this gift edit has been chosen to empower these uplifting feelings. 

As well as brightening up your day, we have selected long-lasting gift ideas that won’t go out of style. This edit has been designed to be timeless, effortlessly cool and designed to become a daily companion that won’t go out of fashion in a matter of months.  

The Kinship Collection

From the earliest of times, the circle has been a symbol of completeness, a symbol of committed love. This was the inspiration for The Kinship Collection, every piece symbolizes a commitment of love that is unbroken and never ending. Discover new arrivals to this collection, from the new kinship gold necklace to the entwined matte silver hoops to the exclusive Kinship Letterbox Gift Set, this set combines a beautiful gold twisted circle pendant necklace with tiny solid gold circle stud earrings. Every piece in this collection represents the notion of wholeness, eternity and timelessness. 

At the heart of the collection is a love of simple, uncomplicated design, little pick-me-up pieces which blend effortlessly with a woman’s wardrobe, becoming an everyday staple. Endlessly inspired by the way our besties, sisters, mums and family incorporate simple pieces of jewellery such as a gold hoop or pendant necklace into their style, these pieces are accessible and perfect for the everyday. Jewellery to accompany life’s joys and challenges – little affordable luxuries that could be reached for again and again.

Gifting by Zodiac Sign: The Pearl Collection

Aquarius Birthdays: January 21 - February 18 

Pisces Birthdays: February 19 - March 20 

In February, equally both rising zodiac signs Aquarius and Pisces have a strong affiliation to water. With Aquarius being the enduring water-bearing sign and Pisces core element being immersed in water. Both signs are known in the astrology world as being sensitive and sentimental, so getting your gift for these signs right is imperative - we think the romance of the pearl suits this sensitive and romantic star sign perfectly. 

Pearls are one of our favourite pieces to gift as their roundness feels like a symbol of endless love. Our collection is strung with lustrous, iridescent freshwater pearls that graduate in size and look as organic as the precious material itself. The collection represents an intersection between sleek and minimal meets bold and romantic. If you're searching for something extra special, this ‘stone of sincerity’ is the way to go, discover our Gold Huggie Hoop Earrings with Real Pearl Charm or Delicate Gold and Pearl Bracelet both beautifully designed. 

We believe that extra-special pieces, including pearls should be for everyone and have kept price points accessible, this collection starts at £10

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