Letterbox Gift Sets

Letterbox Gift Sets

Our Letter Box Gift Sets were born during a time when our loved ones were in need of a little pick-me-up. We set out to create this really simple gifting idea to enable us and our lovely customers the ability to show they cared when you couldn’t be there in person. We ensured the whole process from the gift wrapping to the thoughtful touches were both beautiful and personalised. 

These little touches and quiet acts of kindness were loved so much by our customers that we made sure that every single Letterbox Gift Set included them. 

This extra special gifting service includes the following: 

  • Everything is gift wrapped, and it’s completely complimentary (free!).
  • Free 24 hours UK Delivery on all Letterbox Gift Sets*. 
  • You can send this gift set straight to their house, so no more trips to the post office in the rain.
  • You can leave a personalised note, written in a beautifully designed handwritten font.
  • This note is placed carefully into your order to make sure it is the first thing they see when opening.
  • These sets fit in all standard size letterboxes, so you never need to worry about a missed parcel slip. 
  • No pesky prices are shown on the invoice within the parcel. 

*Free delivery on all orders over £20

The carefully curated and handpicked pieces which go into our gift sets have been chosen from our most popular jewellery pieces, from the freshwater pearl collection to the contemporary, celestial star collection (which notably sold out within hours when featured in Stylist Magazine).  

Discover the full collection of Letterbox Gift Sets HERE. 

The Celestial Gift Sets: As Featured in Stylist Magazine

“There are few gifts more thoughtful than a special piece of jewellery – not only can it help you feel more put together but wearing a piece of jewellery gifted to you by another person can evoke memories of your time together. That’s why we love this gift set from independent jewellery brand Grace & Kin so much. With its delicate designs and matching earrings and necklace, this set is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who receives it”. Lauren Geall - Stylist Magazine 

Treat your loved ones to this thoughtfully curated collection of best-sellers, this contemporary celestial letterbox gift set is inspired by out of this world beauty and dreamy celestial constellations. The exquisite design of the 3D pair of earrings and necklace truly sets this design apart.

The Kinship Letterbox Gift Sets:

From the earliest of times, the circle has been a symbol of committed love, representing the notion of wholeness, eternity and timelessness. This was the inspiration for The Kinship Letterbox Gift Sets, every piece symbolises a commitment of love that is unbroken and never-ending. Including the new Silver and Rose Gold Kinship Letterbox Gift Sets, these sets combine a twisted circle pendant necklace with (one of our favourites) the tiny solid gold circle stud earrings. 

The Contemporary Pearl Letterbox Gift Set:

Treat your loved ones to our Contemporary Pearl Letterbox Gift Set. This affordable luxury jewellery set is perfect to send to your loved ones when you are looking for something extra special. This gift set includes the best-selling freshwater pearl bracelet and a pair of beautifully entwined gold pearl earrings. This is truly jewellery to accompany life’s joys and challenges – little affordable luxuries that make you feel good and can be reached for again and again.

The Acorn Letterbox Gift Sets

Discover this wonderful new Acorn Letterbox Gift Set, it is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who receives it. A perfectly put together collection, carefully chosen to be the perfect gift for her. This letterbox gift set includes beautiful hoop earrings with gorgeous solid acorn pendant and a solid little acorn charm necklace.

Discover the full collection of Letterbox Gift Sets HERE.  
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