Making Everyday Moments Special

Making Everyday Moments Special

Our appreciation for making everyday moments special arose in a challenging year (you know the one). Everytime we would put on make-up or dressed up, it was a special moment, everytime we would go for a walk outdoors, it was a special moment and we even started to enjoy baking. We found these quiet, seemingly unremarkable events some of our dearest memories. 

We noticed more of our customers were sending out gifts to brighten up a loved one's day, even when it wasn’t to mark an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. We felt privileged to share in many of these quiet acts of kindness over the past 12 months and print out some beautifully written personalised notes to go into each gift set. It showed that something as simple as a ‘I’m thinking of you gift’ or ‘just because’ gift could make an everyday moment special for someone. 

This year, we invite you to also make everyday moments special for yourself or a loved one, and for graceful gifting to become a part of this. 

The beautifully designed jewellery we curate is crafted for people to celebrate life and love. Our ethos is to provide everyone with pieces to both mark special moments and to celebrate the everyday, making each one memorable and adding a little more joy into your routine with a touch of sparkle.

Some of our core pillars are affordability, quality, and kinship. We build our collections to create opportunities for people to have pieces that remind them of moments with the individuals in their lives. Our Only Love jewellery collection is inspired by friends and family and this is evident through the use of hearts, a poignant tribute to love and friendship. The collection represents everyday romances, putting on these uplifting pieces becomes a moment to be cherished and a mood-booster in what may seem like groundhog day. These small, but perfectly formed silver, rose gold or gold pieces, in a line that consists of bracelets and earrings can be worn to elevate your everyday.   

As you know, over time, jewellery can become a part of who we are, integral to our daily routine. Choose staple pieces wisely, making sure they still have an uplifting and joyful feeling when worn but are also comfortable, practical and hard-wearing. We suggest opting for thoughtfully designed pieces that, with this in mind, we’ve curated an edit of necklaces, earrings and bracelets that you’ll never need (or want) to take off. 

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