Quiet Acts of Kindness

Quiet Acts of Kindness

You’re probably wondering what we mean by Quiet Acts of Kindness? 

It all started when we were thinking about our core purpose for starting Grace & Kin, and what was truly at the heart of the business. 

We soon realised it was a love of making everyday moments special, through the art of gift-giving, both for oneself and between loved ones. We see these acts as both self-care and sharing joy between loved ones. 

These acts of kindness, are not extraverted but instead come from a deeply personal connection. These acts come in all sorts of forms, and it’s our aim to be the inspiration behind your own quiet acts of kindness. From sending a handwritten letter to taking some time for yourself to indulge in a little self-care to surprising someone with a thoughtful gift (yes, even if it’s not their birthday).

This was also the inspiration behind our Keepsake Cards. Making it easy to send a meaningful quote which can sit in with your gift. These cards can be used as a greeting card or a postcard to stick on your wall to remind them or you of how fabulous you truly are!


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