How to Write a Letter

How to Write a Letter

So we’re calling it, letter writing is having a revival.  

The notion of receiving a thoughtful, personal note with a gift has never felt more special than in recent months and since we launched our personalised letter writing service to compliment our gift sets, our inbox has been filled with beautifully crafted messages to loved ones. Although, knowing what to write doesn’t always flow off the top of your head, and we’ve had a few emails asking if we have templates on what to write in a letter. So whether you’re crafting a beautifully scribed love letter, a letter to tell your bestie how wonderful they are or a thank you letter, we’ve put together a template with some helpful tips on how to write your most memorable letters yet.

To start, think about how well you know your giftee, this will change the way you address your letter, your tone of voice and your sign off, we’ve popped some examples below of how to write to your bestie or your boss, all in an effort to help you effortlessly craft your letter.  


Start:  Hi/Hey, To my [fabulous, amazing, wonderful - insert relationship here],

We tend to use this the most often when we send to our best friends, family, partners or anyone you have a fondness for. 

Body of the letter:  In personal letters with close relationships we always encourage you to be completely yourself, lots of people feel the need to be formal or alter their usual tone of voice when putting pen to paper but there’s no need. Write your letter as you speak to bring your personality to the page, it makes it seem more friendly and personalised and the addition of an inside joke or a cute drawing is always welcome when writing to besties or loved ones. Make sure you cover in your letter the reason why you are writing to them (it could be a birthday, anniversary or celebration of an accomplishment), follow with a compliment and close the letter by signing off with your love, a few examples are below. 

Sign off: Love from, All My Love, Love You Lots


Start: To whom it may concern, Dear Sir or Madam, 

This is perfect for addressing people you don’t know very well, a boss or work colleague.  

Body of the letter: You can keep your tone straightforward in these letters and use clear and concise language. Use your opening sentence to make it clear your reason for writing the letter. If it's a gift for a colleague who is leaving to take up a new opportunity, we have found something as simple as “we would like to give you this gift as a thank you for all of your hard work, you will be missed but we are wishing you a prosperous time within your new role” works really well. 

Sign off: Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully,

And finally, proofread! This bit gets overlooked most often but we encourage you to read your letter over to check for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. The best bit about writing your letter digitally on our site is you can always amend your letter without leaving ink marks on the paper.

If you would like to leave a personalised message, simply add your message in cart before checkout! This option is perfect if you are sending straight to someone's house, and voila, your gift set with your complimentary letter will be popping through their letterbox in no time.  

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