July Birthday Gifting Ideas

July Birthday Gifting Ideas

Do you have a friend, family member or loved one who was born in July? We have the perfect gifting ideas to surprise them with this month. Have you thought about gifting them a piece of jewellery with their coloured birthstone in? We have curated a selection of pieces from Multi Circle Stone Delicate Gold Bracelets to Red Stone Charm Gold Huggie Hoop Earrings all with the beautiful Ruby red stone associated with those born in July. 

Some believe each gem holds a characteristic of your personality, making it truly unique to you, and if I was born in July, I would hope this is true. The beautifully hued ruby red stone is considered the king of gems in many cultures, the gemstone is said to symbolise passion, protection and prosperity. And even more good news, this birthstone is also said to bring good luck and protection, its fiery colour complementing the outgoing and passionate personalities of those born in this month. Ruby red is also the perfect romantic present to gift someone, the hue has long been representative of romantic love and apart from its red color, the ruby makes a perfect gift for a loved one as it is known as a protective stone that can bring happiness and passion into the life of the wearer. We guess those born in July truly lucked out when it comes to birthstones. 

We love a pop of colour in the summer. You too? Discover our colourful Gemstone collection of bracelets and earrings, from the Multi Circle Stone Delicate Silver Bracelet to the Lilac Stone Charm Gold Huggie Hoop Earrings wear your favourite shade or pile them on in layers this season. 

Prefer something more neutral? Discover our latest styles, perfect to add to your jewellery collection. From the new Letterbox Gift Sets to our much-loved huggie earrings, hoops and contemporary pendant necklaces crafted in gold, rose gold or silver tones.  

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