Let’s Celebrate January Birthdays

Let’s Celebrate January Birthdays

Quiet acts of kindness mean the world to people, especially when the world is in such an uncertain state. This year more than ever, we think our Capricorn and Aquarius loved ones deserve a very special birthday treat! We’ve put together a helpful guide on what to buy for the January star signs and a little bit about our gift-service that you might not have realised we offer. 

Send Gifts Straight to the Birthday Girl 

Choose from our beautiful selection of Jewellery Gifts, from the carefully curated Letter Box Gift Sets, to the Kinship collection, a jewellery collection crafted to bring loved ones together, to an out of this world star-gazer collection, a much-loved pearl collection, a classic tortoiseshell collection, and last but not least, a collection inspired by enduring love. To make your gift personalised and show you’ve put extra thought into it, simply email us at hello@graceandkin.com and we will add your message into the order. And we have more, discover a few more great reasons to send a gift through us… 

  1. We’ll send them straight to the birthday girl, saving you a post office trip in the rain
  2. We ensure no prices are shown on the invoice slip, so no awkward conversations
  3. And the cherry on top, everything is gift wrapped by hand, for free!  


Letter Box Gift Sets
Our Letter Box Gift Sets were born during a time of simplifying the process of wanting to connect to loved ones and show you were thinking of them by making it easy to send a gift straight to that special someone, saving you having to gift-wrap, a trip to the post office, and double postage fees. The carefully curated and handpicked pieces which go into our gift set have been chosen from our most popular jewellery pieces, from the freshwater pearl bracelet to the contemporary, celestial silver star earrings. 

Star Sign Gift Ideas
Another thoughtful take on gift shopping for those born in January is to take a look into the symbolic or special meanings of a loved one’s star sign. You'll be happy to hear that January star signs couldn't be any more appropriate for this first month of the year. From the grounding, stable and reliable core of Capricorns, who make extremely loyal and good friends, standing in one’s life as pillars on their way to their dreams to Aquarius babies, known as the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. Discover pieces perfectly personal to send to someone special for an uplifting present this January.  

Capricorn Birthdays: December 21 to January 21
Earth signs are grounded and keep it real, they are also known to love beautiful but simple things, like a pretty piece of jewellery. We have curated a collection of pieces inspired by nature including our Branch Hoop Earrings and the Acorn Necklace which could be perfect.

Aquarius Birthdays: January 21 and about February 18 
Aquarius is a water sign and what is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery to come out of the ocean? The Pearl. Throughout history, the pearl has been symbolic of being an extra special and meaningful gift, known as the ‘stone of sincerity’ these precious pieces are thought to symbolize loyalty, harmony, perfection and purity. We can’t think of a better gift to give than a freshwater pearl, these unique pieces can occur in varied and unusual but beautiful shapes, making each one individual. And if you're searching for something extra special, in celebration of all-star signs, The Contemporary Pearl gift set has been thoughtfully curated into a letterbox gift set. Perfect for those in your life who love nature, they'll find beauty in this jewellery collection sprinkled with pearls. The gift set includes the freshwater pearl bracelet and entwined gold pearl earrings. 
You might be wondering what we meant by Quiet Acts of Kindness? 
It all started when we realised our mutual love of making everyday moments special become a part of our purpose, and these moments take place through the art of gift-giving, both for oneself and between loved ones. We see these Quiet Acts of Kindness’ to shared joy between loved ones. These acts are not extraverted but instead come from a deeply personal connection. These acts come in all sorts of forms, from sending a handwritten letter to taking some for yourself to indulge in a little self-care to surprising someone with a thoughtful gift (yes, even if it’s not their birthday)...
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