The Kinship Collection

The Kinship Collection

Kinship [ kin-ship ] noun

relationship by nature, qualities, etc.; affinity

Discover a thoughtfully curated collection, crafted to bring loved ones together through a shared appreciation of beauty, and the art of gifting. Whether you’re after a pendant necklace to bring a little personality to a plain white tee, or a classic, everyday pair of hoops to add to your signature style or an artisanal textured pair of diamond silhouetted earrings for a loved one, there’s nothing like a little accessorising to make you feel good.

The Kinship Collection: Necklaces 

Discover a collection full of beautiful pendant necklaces with mid-length chains and frame them with an open neckline to highlight the detailing. Discover our concentric ring necklace, the detailing mimics ripples on water or shop the entwined rose gold necklace inspired by kinship. All are perfect presents for yourself or a loved one and come with a beautiful gift box. 

The Kinship Collection: Earrings

From the artisanal, textured set of stud earrings in a diamond silhouette, crafted in a contemporary gold tone to the large matte gold branch earrings that nod to nature, this collection combines painterly textures with delicate tones for everyday staples with a twist. From a subtle matte gold-plated hoop with a surprisingly lightweight feel, perfect as your everyday signature look to a statement gold small hoop earring featuring a soft, organic curve with a beautiful polished finish.

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