Quiet Acts of Kindness

Quiet Acts of Kindness

You’re probably wondering what we mean by Quiet Acts of Kindness? 

It all started when we were thinking about our core purpose for starting Grace & Kin, and what was truly at the heart of the business. 

We soon realised it was a love of making everyday moments special, through the art of gift-giving, both for oneself and between loved ones. We see these acts as both self-care and sharing joy between loved ones. 

These acts of kindness, are not extraverted but instead come from a deeply personal connection. These acts come in all sorts of forms, and it’s our aim to be the inspiration behind your own quiet acts of kindness. From sending a handwritten letter to taking some for yourself to indulge in a little self-care to surprising someone with a thoughtful gift (yes, even if it’s not their birthday).

Because of that, it’s our goal to build an inclusive, warm and friendly environment for our community to thrive. We will celebrate your passions and empower you with uplifting messages of positivity. On a weekly basis, we will be sharing self-care advice, new collections for you and your loved ones to treat yourself to as well as local, community-focused content. 

We would also like to share your thoughts and experiences of shopping with us. If you have a moment, please review us online or tag a picture of you and your new purchase by using the below hashtag on social media #quietactsofkindess 

As thank you, we will enter you into our gift giveaway, the lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced at the end of every month on Instagram. 

And last but certainly not least, one of our quiet acts of kindness pledges here at Grace & Kin is to support local businesses. These commitments to our community will be shared throughout our social media channels and journal. We will be highlighting local independent stores we love, and we think you will love them too. If you have any recommendations and would like to put a little known brand you love forward, please tag us @graceandkin or send us a private message on social media. 

We hope to see you again next week.

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